Jamaica the land of wood and water. 

A-Z Jamaica Planners offers personalized tours of Jamaica from beaches to Waterfalls to Great Houses and Rafting down the river, whatever you wish we will put it together.  Package options available in all areas of the Island and include picking up from your resort or Cruise Ship, fully air-conditioned vehicles and fun and informative guides who love to share the beauty of our island.

 Beautiful golden sand beaches, hidden waterfalls, friendly people , the sounds of reggae music and cold drinks served over ice and you know you could only be in Jamaica. Let A-Z show you the real Jamaica away from the normal tourist haunts and crowds to the natural and friendly side of our beautiful Island. Visit out of the way spots that only the locals know, eat real Jamaican food and have your driver tell you about how life is really like for the average Jamaican.




If you have always wondered about Jamaica but been put of by the negative reports that sometimes float around then let A-Z show you what our Island is really all about. If after a day with us you are not in love with Jamaica then we have not done our job. Come explore, mett and eat in our culture and make friends that will stay with you always.

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